Saturday, June 21, 2008

The First Diary

Do not imagine, dear Diary, that I have not been kidnapped before. The first time . . . but no, I must go farther back than that. It all began with another diary, or two other diaries, one imaginary, one real, and the mix-up betwixt the two.

But let me first tell you that I have learned how to Add Pictures! And if you do not believe me, here is proof:

There, gentle Diary, is the man for whom I would have given the world.
[Looks like a bit of a weed to me. ~Ed.] I sketched him and Mrs. Wells took the sketch and put it on her lapdog.

Do you notice the noble brow, the fine, sensitive mouth? Is it any wonder this gentleman occupied my thoughts for so many years?
[You dwell too long on irrelevancies, here. Get to the point, ma’am. ~Ed.]

Mrs. Wells has a number of interesting things on her lapdog [I am reliably informed the word is ‘laptop’. Use correct terminology, please.~Ed.] Including this. I was shocked, until she assured me it was purely for the purposes of research.

Ah, Sven has arrived with cocktails. More anon!


Anna Campbell said...

Lady Kate, you are a ray of sunshine on a very cold and blustery day down here in the colony of New South Wales. Although I must say what really heated me up was that bit of research Mrs. Wells added for our delectation. She truly is a treasure. Does she act as an abigail as well? I hope she's not one of those pert domestics who only seem to retain their employment within the pages of a Minerva Press opus.

Christine Wells said...

Et tu, Brute! Abigail, indeed! Actually I think Sven is seeing to Lady Kate' But don't tell Lyle I said that!

It's freezing in Briz-Vegas as well! We're truly into Winter now.

Lady Kate said...

Oh, Miss Campbell! Minerva Press novels are my favourite bed-time reading. In fact, I hid . . . Well I'd better say no more about that. It seems that this diary is not entirely private, though of course I don't mind sharing intimate details with Mrs. Wells's trusted friends.

New South Wales! Are you a convict, Miss Campbell?

Anna Campbell said...

Nah, I'm a lady with the whip and chains! They call me Mademoiselle Commandant!