Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bon Bons Galore!

I must apologise profusely for my prolonged absence. Once again, Mrs. Wells has a drop deadline or some such thing and has been monopolizing the computer day and night.

In between slaving for that publishing house she works for, Mrs. Wells has been playing with some charming creatures called Bon Bons over here. Honestly, I had thought the ladies on Eloisa James and Julia Quinn's bulletin board might be a little too refined for Mrs. Wells rather, er, earthy personality, but it seems she has made herself at home.

In fact, she is corrupting them mightily, borrowing Sven for massage duty and co-opting various cabana boys into--ahem!--service. Drinks service, of course!

Perhaps I might pop over one day and join in the fun. [Enjoy yourself, but remember what happens when you indulge in too many of those pretty pink drinks, my lady. I'd hate to have to lift you down from another chandelier. ~Ed.]

Mrs. Wells is shortly to take a vacation to New Zealand, a land of sheep and pretty scenery and I asked if I might join her. We had such a jolly time in San Francisco, after all. She paled and replied in a rather hollow tone that she was rather hoping for a holiday...


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Just dropped in...interesting blog!

A vacation in New Zealand, right now, just might be fun! Can I come? LOL


Christine Wells said...

Hiya, Hawk! Thanks for stopping in.

New Zealand was fantastic fun, thanks!